Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Underway at last

We are finally sailing, leaving Pearl Harbor on Memorial Day 2015. The failure of the compressor of one of the air-cons kept us in port a bit longer than expected. Six days to be exact, some of which will be added at the end of the cruise. By now, we have completed a CTD test cast around the 1000 m isobath as well as a bongo net test cast and are underway to our first real station along 152ºW. The weather is calm, and we are hopeful for a smooth trip (aka "bunny cruise")! 

Last view of Diamond Head Crater and Honolulu, learning about the CTD rosette and mounted instruments, pteropods from the bongo net test cast, and chief scientist (Alison Macdonald) and CTD student (Andrew Shao) working in the TV lounge (taking a break from the very cold computer room, brrr).