Saturday, June 20, 2015

152ºW section completed

Two days ago, in the early morning hours of June 18, we completed our main cruise objective by finishing the last 152ºW stations on the Alaskan Shelf near Kodiak Island.
Salinity along 2015 152ºW transect: Salty subtropical surface waters (orange, excess evaporation) and fresh subpolar and equatorial surface waters (blue, excess precipitation) are evident as well as the intermediate salinity minima (300-1000m) and a high-salinity subsurface "blob" (150m) within the northequatorial current system at 10ºN.

We continue to be incredibly lucky with the weather as we now head eastward across the northern part of the Alaska Gyre toward Sitka. 17 more stations along this transect, and then we will be portbound to Seattle (and the nearest pub).
North Pacific Ocean at its calmest.
View off the bow.