Sunday, June 28, 2015

In port at last

Entering Strait of Juan de Fuca
Yesterday, at about 10 am, we reached the U.S. Coast Guard dock in Seattle, our final destination. Temperatures were >80ºF (~27ºC) during the day, impressing all our friends from southerly states on the ship. The last 12 hours, cruising through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, past Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula, and into Puget Sound, were also quite impressive. While Seattle is home for some of us, others still have to journey home to states as far away as Florida (NOAA/AOML). So long, CLIVAR/GO-SHIP P16N, Leg 2! Thanks to everyone on land and at sea, including all scientists, officers, and crew on the R/V Brown, who made P16N 2015 a successful and fun cruise.

Final post by Yours Truly, Sabine Mecking

Approaching Port Angeles at ~2am
Continuing into Puget Sound
(Co-)chief scientists and Seattle skyline